Letter from the Executive Board

Greetings Members,

This guide was created to serve as a starting point to your research and to give you a brief overview of the subject matter. It is important that you use this document as a reference point for more research and not as an end in itself. It is also important to note that this committee can only be dealt with if you have the willingness to research extensively and translate research into ideas.

The Executive Board as well as the organisers want to make this as enjoyable and educational an experience for you as possible. Your comfort will be a priority for us at all times. Do not hesitate at any point to approach us with your doubts. As frivolous as they might sound in your head, trust us, we had them when we were starting out as well. Your confidence will grow bit by bit as you get accustomed to your surroundings in committee. Come with an open mind, come with a willingness to observe and most importantly come with a willingness to try. We believe that public speaking is somewhat addictive. Give yourself that first chance and it will grow on you. We wish you all the best and hope that we can make this an enriching experience for you. We can be reached to address your doubts and queries at all hours.

Note: We will be providing you with the actual Food security bill that passed in 2013 and was published in the official gazette as per the due procedure. Kindly read the same for your understanding. No need to learn any part of the text or dwell into the legal meaning of certain terms. Only an overview will be enough for you to understand the debate in general.


Executive Board

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